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Lango’s Leadership Crisis: Odongo Okune’s Camp Rejects Plans For Reconciliation With Yosam Odur

Tekwaro Lango, an institution headed by parallel paramount chief Eng Dr Michael Odongo Okune has rejected plans to reconcile them with Mzee Yosam Odur’s side.

On Saturday, members of parliament from Lango teamed up with religious leaders and LC5 chairpersons from Lango districts and came up with resolutions with intentions of quelling down the fights in the Lango cultural institution. In the meeting chaired by Felix Okot Ogong, the Lango parliamentary group chairman, the meeting that was held at Lira municipal council hall came up with a committee who are to mediate the reconciliation process. They also came up with resolutions that include:

-Stripping the two rival paramount chiefs off their power in the cultural institution. Both Yosam Odur and Eng Dr Michael Odongo are not to present themselves as heads of Lango cultural institution. 
-The two constitutions from both sides to be merged to a single one, which in turn will be used to organize a fresh election of the new paramount chief. 
-Mzee Yosam Odur was asked to withdraw the petition he has filed at the court of appeal seeking to nullify Eng. Odongo Okune’s election as Lango’s paramount chief.

Meanwhile, Willy Omodo Omodo, the newly appointed Minister of information in Dr. Odongo Okune’s government dismissed the resolution saying his side won’t heed to calls in it. He said Mps have lost their mandate, faulting them from trying to poke their nose in cultural businesses.

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