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Police Deny Stealing From Slain Robber


North Kioga police has responded to allegations making rounds on local media that they stole Ugx 5 million shilling allegedly recovered from slain suspected robber, Solomon Odongo.

Solomon Odongo was arrested with the help of a police dog on 27th/March/2018, a day after he allegedly shot and  robbed Sandra Ouni, a mobile money dealer near Charis Clinic at Ojwina Division. Odongo according to Ms Ouni  robbed shs 5 million shillings and two mobile phones from her.

Eyewitnesses who preferred anonymity say police recovered the shs 5 million from Odongo.

Police has since denied recovering the money.

North Kioga police spokesperson says the slain suspect’s house was searched and the money was not recovered.

“It should be noted clearly that, in the presence of the suspect himself, his wife, the area LCI, the Landlord, the police SOCO, the Police Canine personnel and the neighbors, the house of the suspect was searched and a search certificate was generated with the following items recovered;  Pliers used for house breaking, 9 pieces of master keys, 1 hoofer speaker and 2 Camouflage Jackets with head masks.”– Mudong told TNT over the weekend.

“Therefore, the police within the provisions of the professional mandate strongly disown the allegation of recovery of the claimed robbed five million shillings as it has been and is still trending on the local FM radio stations within Lira and the social media.”– He added.

North Kioga Region police spokesperson David Ongom Mudong

Mudong  urged the complainants in this allegation with evidence to come forward to help with investigations.


Odongo was killed hours after he escaped from police detention by a mob that rounded him up in Kakoge, Lira municipality. His body was burned by an irate mob later after it was taken to the Lira main mortuary.

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