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Unity FM Most Listened To In Lango-Report



Lira’s Unity FM has been the most listened to radio station in Lango in the year 2017, according to a report by IPSOS, the world’s  leading research company.

In the report seen by TNT, Unity FM took the lead in both quotas.
In Quota one, the radio station scored 34% of the total share in Lango. It was followed by Voice of Lango which had 12%, atop Qfm which took the third position with a total share of 8%.
Dokolo FM, Radio Lira and Radio Divine each have the share of 7%.
Rhino FM fell behind with 6%, a percentage above Radio Wa which had 5%.

Gulu’s Mega FM followed with 3%, above Radio Rupiny, Radio Apac and Gulu FM with each having 2% of Lango’s market share. Radio North and Luo FM each has 1%, meanwhile others having 3%.

Summary of Lango’s radio listenership findings

In the second quota, Unity FM, though in the lead dropped percentages. In the final quota it enjoyed 28% of the total share, while Dokolo FM and Radio Devine ascended each gathering 11%, atop Voice of Lango which dropped to 9%.
Gulu’s Mega FM shot up to 7% in the final quota, also in the same percentage with QFM.
Radio Lira came in with 6%, while Radio Wa and Rhino FM each at 4%.

Radio North got 3%, above Radio Rupiny and Radio Apac that had 2% each.
Veritas FM and Capital FM each took 1% of the Lango market share, with others standing at 4%.


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