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Only LC1s To Decide Extension Of Museveni’s Term In Office, Says MP Odur


Jonathan Odur, the Erute South member of parliament has revealed that the government is planning to have only village Local council 1s vote in the referendum which is to ascertain whether or not to give a go ahead for the extension of presidential term in office from 5 years to 7 years.

In the bill that got rid of the presidential age limit from the constitution, 317 Mps also proposed the extension of the duration of a term in office for Local council leaders, Members of parliament and president from 5 to 7 years. However, the country should hold a referendum to ascertain whether to extend the president’s term duration. President Museveni will be the first beneficiary of this law once it goes through.

Speaking to mourners at a burial on Saturday in Boroboro, Lira District, Odur said that in order to have a safe and smooth passage, the government is planning to hold LC1 elections, thereafter only the village LCs will be allowed to vote on behalf of all the citizens.
He also revealed that they are currently in court to challenge the bill but also cautioned electorates to vote wisely once they lose the court battle. “I therefore ask you to vote for the right leaders once they hold the LC1 elections, such that they don’t disappoint us and vote for the extension of Museveni’s duration in office”– Odur, who strongly opposes the age limit bill with all its contents said.

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