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Song Review: Good Ambrose’ Scotching Hit “Awot Ityena” [Download Link]




There is a new lyrical trend that clearly is soon to overhaul the musical scene in the region, being crafted by lads and lasses who are silently working hard to redefine the real meaning of MUSIC… and I mean that in capital.

Without a doubt, these young forces are soon to carve a major niche for themselves, particularly for their abilities to fuse knowledge of the region’s rich heritage in their lyricism, comfortably synchronizing Luo and English!

One of the new comers or rather old comer who has been doing it underground but able to cause a storm in the music world is GOOD AMBROSE!!!

His latest banger, probably scorching in the playlist of local airplays is a piece titled Awot ityena.

The reggae jam is not only sweet to ears, but has a pack of knowledge of Lango’s heritage.

It starts on a low with the sound of the sticks on the band plates, then monstrously rises up with drums and kicks, bringing in the real reggae feel.

Good Ambrose then starts the first verse in a tone similar to Pressure’s do, Virgin Islands Nice, except he is quick to drive us home with the perfect mix of Jamaican patois and luo.
The enthusiasm he expresses as he gives the insight of the blessings Lango was favored with ignites the sense of pride.

The song, inherits traits of reggae music kind-of-writing which praises the black land and its natural beauties, except it’s more specialized in telling the goodies in Lango.

Armed with good history, Good Ambrose drives us through nostalgia as he mentions unforgettable historical names that not only helped Lango but whose heroic actions left impeccable prints on their legacies internationally.

The song was produced by Lazle, popularly known for his Galakino banger that dominated our ears for the better part of 2017.

Enjoy the track from here: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 

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