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Bullets, Stones Rock Gulu’s Crusade Night as Pastor is Arrested


Bullets and stones on Sunday evening flew as police arrested Pastor Benjamin Oteka from a month long joint crusade at Kaunda grounds, Gulu district.

Followers of Pastor Oteka, the founder of Faith Cathedral church in Gulu pelted stones at police for arresting the man of God forcing the a retaliation of firing bullets in the air by the men in uniform.
Oteka was being arrested for violating police bond conditions following a case of criminal trespass filed against him by his ex wife, Carole Ward, an American national.

Ward filed a case of criminal trespass against the pastor who she said illegally went to her apartment in Kampala.

Ward recorded a statement with police, saying Pastor Oteka violated her privacy by trespassing at her apartment. Consequently the pastor was arrested but later given bond. He however according to police violated the bond conditions causing Sunday’s arrest.

The two have since 2013 been having legal confrontations after a bitter split.

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