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Adwari SS Headteacher Forcefully Ejected From Office



Fred Ojara, the headteacher of Adwari Secondary School has been forced to leave office following allegations of corruption and abuse of office.

Several calls seeking for Ojara’s removal from the school has been on for years. Parents and concerned individuals have since 2014 been writing to the offices of the permanent secretary for Education, IGG, and the State House calling for action against Ojara. They cited corruption, decline in the school’s academic performance among other things that they alleged the headteacher committed.

The decision to have Ojara step out of office was reached in a meeting on Tuesday at the school. The meeting was attended by David Mugisha Bigiira, a commissioner at the ministry of Education, the School’s Board Of Governors, Otuke district leaders among others.
Bigiira ordered the Ojara to leave the school and handover office to his deputy by Monday 19th February 2018.

The attendants of the meeting registered several complaints against Ojara.
Silvia Akello, the Otuke district woman MP said Ojara has overstayed in office and should leave. She added that following complaints of mismanagement of the school’s funds, Lango Mps have taken the case to parliament.

Bosco Odongo, Otuke district LC5 chairman pointed allegations against Ojara and the Board Of Governors which included; unlawful transfer of teachers, mismanagement of funds among others.

Joshua Mabiya, the Otuke district Chief Administration Officer said he has blocked Ojara from accessing the School’s funds from the bank.


Ojara was however not allowed to respond in the meeting but told write a detailed report and present on Monday as he hands over. In the report, he is also to respond to the allegations.
Meanwhile chairman board of governors Rev. Fr. George Ogwal Akacha asked for a smooth handover adding that Ojara should not be surrendered as a sacrificial lamb.
Last month, Ministry of Education and Sports transferred Laker Hilda Rose from Awere Secondary School Omoro to Adwari SS to replace Ojara as the head teacher, however it was alleged Ojara and some individuals from the board of governors frustrated the transfer and hence delayed the handover.

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