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Abiriga: Museveni is My Best Friend, It’s The People Around Him That Are Bad




Ibrahim Abiriga, the Arua municipality MP has said the people around president Museveni are the ones hindering development of the nation.
Speaking exclusively to TNT over the weekend, Abiriga noted that president Museveni is a very good leader who makes developmental pledges but the people around him make it complicated for the head of state to accomplish his promises.

He said he was recently misquoted by the media, following an interview he had with NBS TV. Before live TV cameras however, Abiriga said he made several efforts to reach the the president by even calling him six times but he was turned down by the wall built around him(Museveni).
“Me and Mzee(Museveni) are best friends, the bad people are those ones around him”. He said.

He said he has since February last year he has been trying to follow a presidential pledge that Museveni made to the people of Arua, but state house officials have made it hard for him to follow it up.


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