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NRM Publicist: Crossing To UPC Is Not Defection But Going To Our Small Branch



The ruling NRM’s publicity secretary for Lira district Jacob Ocen has reacted to the recent defection of William Onyanga, their party’s former general secretary for Lira district to UPC. Ocen noted that  Onyanga’s defection is not legit saying the UPC which is under Jimmy Akena is a small arm of NRM because the ruling party finances it(UPC).

In an exclusive interview with TNT on Thursday, Ocen said it is an open secret that UPC has descended to the level of becoming a pressure group. He said Onyanga made a mistake if he thought he would gain something from UPC, because he left the real big party with vast resources and went to its smaller arm.

Onyanga left NRM and joined UPC on Wednesday at Uganda house. He was welcomed by the party’s president Jimmy Akena. Onyanga said he left NRM because it is a single man’s party, and president Museveni is the only person who makes all decisions concerning the party and lacks plans for the common citizens in terms of providing social services but more dedicated to investing in the military to maintain his stay in power. He says the NRM relies on shedding blood to be in power, relating to how it came to rule while comparing it to how UPC gained power. He said UPC is rich with ideologies and believes in dialogue, pointing the historical fact of how Milton Obote conversed with the whites persuading them to let Uganda have independence without any bloodshed.




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