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Woman Sentenced To 21 Years In Prison Over Husband’s Murder

Lira high court yesterday sentenced Jacinta Awino to 21 years in prison for the murder of her husband, Alex Epet. Epet was murdered and his body was dumped in a septic tank at his home in Central Division, Lira municipality on 20th December, 2016.

Gloria Acut, the state Attorney told court that Awino along with her son Isaac Okello and few others currently still on the run were responsible for the murder of Epet, who was a renowned businessman in Lira.

Prosecution noted  Epet was  murdered  following accusations by his family  that he was committing adultery. Reports say the family tried other means of forcing Epet to desist from having affairs outside his marriage  before killing him including visiting a withdoctor’s shrine. According to their police report,  Okello and Awino stated that Epet was too much engaged in extra marital affairs and  neglected his responsibilities of providing for his family and paying school fees.

Okello confessed to killing his father and dumping his body into the septic tank.


Court presided over by Justice Winnie Nabisinde sentenced Awino to 21 years in prison while Okello who pleaded for leniency following a plea bargain was told  his sentencing will be presided over by another judge.

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