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Nasuru Ogwang, Onyanga, Hundreds Cross Over To UPC



About 500 NRM supporters yesterday crossed over to UPC. The converts include William Onyanga, former secretary general of the NRM and Nasuru Ogwang, former Lira District UPC chairperson who in 2015 converted to NRM claiming the former was too poor and full of talks with no visible hopes of getting to power.

William Onyanga yesterday headed the team of new entrants to the UPC party at Uganda House, and was welcomed by the party President Jimmy Akena.
Michael Orach Osinde, the UPC party spokesperson said they are organizing a special event to welcome the new entrants in Lira in the near future.
According to the deputy NRM chairperson for Lira district Linda Auma, the NRM supporters who left them will not weaken the party but will only reduce the numbers of supporters.

Nasuru Ogwang was faulted for making the then UPC big shots Cecilia Ogwal, Daniel Omara Atubo and Charles Angiru Gutmoi leave the party as they complained he (Nasuru) locked them out in the party primaries in 2005. During this time, polical commentators argue Ogwang was a very big shot in the UPC party and his defection to the NRM would create major impacts. He however defected during the time his vigor was gone making the NRM not make full use of him.

Richard Omara Awio, the Lira District NRM party general says the defection of their party members to UPC does not weaken them. He said people like Nasuru and Onyanga were no longer of need to the party saying their use have gone stale.

Neither Onyanga nor Ogwang were able to make comments during press time. We will keep tabs on this and update you on the latest developments.

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