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Alebtong, Otuke Among Poorest Three Districts In Uganda



In a brief released by USAID, Alebtong and Otuke districts are among the three poorest districts in Uganda. They are atop Kagadi, which is ranked as the district with the highest poverty level.

The brief introduces district-level GDP and GDP per capita estimates for Uganda’s 116 districts utilizing a method based on models using imagery of night time lights and agricultural data. With Enhanced Light Intensity Model it was found that the distribution of GDP per capita in Uganda is heavily skewed.

It states that of the ten largest district economies, seven are in central Uganda. It also says Wakiso has the largest GDP per capita in Uganda, ($3,250) while Kagadi($56), Alebtong($64) and Otuke($66) are the poorest districts based on the model used.
Meanwhile Nwoya is at number 10 with ($704), and Gulu at 12 with ($599). Lira coming at 26 with a GDP per capita figure of ($449).

In terms of GDP valued in billions of US$, the Central region leads with 14.4, followed by Western at 3.403 while Northern and Eastern and Eastern at 1.602 and 1.443 respectively. The findings are as at June 2017.

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