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Regional Imbalance: Mp Amule Says Northern Uganda Is Not Worse Than Before NRM

Doreen Amule, the Amolatar district woman MP has trashed talks that there is currently more of regional imbalance in the country. She says the people saying Northern Uganda is underdeveloped because the president is from the Western are not clearly reasoning, adding that the region is not far worse than it was when it had presidents who grew up from it.
Amule was reacting to talks that the opposition party Mps are advocating for, to have Northern Uganda form its own country called the “Nile Republic”. Opposition party Mps say the reason for secession is because the region is marginalized. Gilbert Olanya, Kilak MP says there is improper distribution of the country’s resources. He says most jobs in the country are taken by people from Western Uganda. Olanya  joins a section of opposition Mps from the region who in the heat of the Age limit debate hinted on the move to have Northern Uganda form a country of their own. Mps Reagan Okumu, Ogenga Latigo, Charles Angiru Gutmoi, Odonga Otto among others have voiced their concerns, in advocating for the secession.

Speaking to our reporter on Monday, Amule, NRM says the opposition are thinking like children.
She says Northern Uganda was not far better than it is now before state power went to Western Uganda.

“Opposition are reasoning like children,… Like babies! Before the Westerners, the presidents we had were from Northern Uganda. Is Northern Uganda now far much below than what we had before? (before we start talking about regional imbalance).

Remember we had Obote who ruled Uganda twice, but still there’s no tarmac road in Apac, but soon we’ll have one. Remember we had Amin, what did we have which is so great in Northern? Remember we had Tito Okello from Northern.” Amule said.

“Much as there may be imbalance, creating Nile Republic is not the best.” she added.
She noted that Northern Ugandans should instead of engaging in secession talks, they should be telling their children to go to school and start developing the vast land that they have.

Sam Engola, the NRM Vice Chairperson advised the opposition stay away from succession talks and come together to develop the region because the say of splitting from the country will remain mere talks.

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