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We All Can Be Heroes By Donating Blood


One of the priceless luxuries, that is scarcely found and much lacking in the banks, not even the rich can buy over the counter yet in abundance in us is blood.
Perhaps we are too busy to perform this “patriotic duty” of donating, a cause for humanity. Doesn’t it feel good to offer help, to save the life of a mother giving life? Or just someone whose life hangs in balance wondering if someone spared just 10 or 20 minutes of their busy schedules to just sit down and donate blood. Ever thought of the fact that the little time you will give for donating will save families from grief?…A mother, a father or guardian whose health is paramount in feeding mouths that depend on him/her might be saved by you just sitting down and offering that unit of blood.
I salute those who regularly donate and feel obligated to give in their time to save lives of people in helpless situations.
Regular donors give 0.45 litres of blood four times a year, if they are men and three times for women, as long as they are healthy.
For these heroes and heroins, their conviction, the nobility of their charity and selflessness plus the fact that they are not looking for any reward is commendable.

I always get emotional when I receive a phone call, or read one of those WhatsApp texts of a person whose family member is in dire need of blood asking me to source for individuals who can come to their rescue in the wanting situation and donate blood. Such messages always come with the blood type of patient in need, looking for a match.
Such messages always trigger emotions, and as humans we tend to trade blames, we always want to put someone at fault for placing us in such situations.
“But what is the government doing to address this? Why would they let the patient’s caretaker be in charge of looking for blood needed for transfusion?”– This was exactly one of the responses I got when I shared in one of the WhatsApp groups just after a friend who was caretaking a loved one asked me to help him look for the blood type match of his patient.

Are we all forgetting we are the reason the blood banks are empty because at times we get too busy to donate? Or just not bothered about the donation because we don’t see ourselves in any future needing blood.

A more heartbreaking story appeared on the Saturday Monitor with the headline; “Hospitals face blood shortage”. The first paragraph read: “More preventable deaths resulting from the constant blood shortages in hospitals are likely to be registered should government fail to rescind its decision to cut the budget for Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS), officials have warned.
The UBTS budget was cut by Shs513m (from Shs9.4b in 2017/18 to Shs8.928b) in the next financial year, according to the latest National Budget Framework Paper by the Finance ministry which forecasts government expenditure on different sectors.”

This therefore means we should not sit back but rather be our own keepers by actively participating. We should not wait until a loved one is in a situation and trade blames when we can actually help. We should hold ourselves responsible and not only wait for “Big Brother” who seems busy elsewhere because our bitter words against him wont  help us now.

We all should be familiar with the proverbial saying (of someone supposedly in need) “Today is me, tomorrow somebody”.

One of the best resolutions you can make this year is resorting to give just a fraction of your time to charity. Our survival solely depends on each other. We can’t predict what the future holds.

This brings me to the campaign that old boys and girls of St Kizito Primary School-Lira are running right now, dubbed “Loy Acomo Memorial Blood Drive”.

Loy Acomo Blood Donation Drive Campaign Poster

This be it second edition, came at time when most of us are planning things to put into the list of our New Year resolutions. A perfect reminder that we should serve humanity in this New Year.

The OBs and OGs under their association -SKOPA are running a blood donation drive starting 8th-12th January 2018 at Lira Mayors Gardens, in memory of their OG, Loy Acomo who passed on in 2016.

Loy Acomo was a mother, wife, sister, daughter and a friend who is greatly missed by her loved ones.
The cause of her death is pointed to the delay in getting the match of her blood type she needed to save her life when she was in the surgery room.

We all can eliminate the endings of the lives of the “Loy Acomos” if we start by donating blood, not only ending with the drive but fully meeting all the required intervals of donating blood as regular donors this year.

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