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Age Limit: MP Apologises For Voting “Yes”


Samuel Okwir Odwe, an independent NRM leaning legislator who represents Moroto county is regretting why he misrepresented the views of the people from his constituency when he voted for the removal of age limit law from the constitution.
During consultations over the bill that has been assented to an act of parliament, Moroto county residents told their MP not to vote in favour of amending the constitution, he however did the opposite and joined the 317 Mps who voted in favour of the bill that has now given president Museveni way to stand again in the next elections.

Speaking to our reporter on Thursday, Okwir Odwe said if needed, he will go down to his voters and apologise for misrepresenting them. Using a biblical analogy, Okwir said his voters should be remorseful and forgive him if he hurt them last year (2017).

He also wished them a Happy New Year.

This follows his facebook post where he was seeking for the same.
The post has however been deleted.
In his facebook account, the MP asked for forgiveness from anyone that he might have hurt with his actions during the past year.

His post was welcomed with trolls and bitter comments. He is faulted for betraying the wishes of people from his constituency.

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