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‘Hon Jonathan Odur X-Mas Cup’ Aims For League



The Hon Jonathan Odur X-Mas cup that is played during the end of year holiday season is aiming for a leap upwards as there are  plans to have all participating parishes play in a league by next year, 2018

The X-Mas cup is  sponsored by the Erute South Mp, Jonathan Odur. It brings together youths from all parishes in all sub counties from Erute South in a soccer competition where the winning team gets awarded with a trophy and a cash prize.

According to Alfonso Ramos Orebe, a renowned sports presenter who is over seeing the X-mas cup for this year, the competition is not only aimed for a league but there is also a  move to have youths from the Erute South constituency come up together in groups so they can source for funding of projects they will come up with to better their livelihoods. He adds that this will help eliminate sinister thoughts of engaging in illegal activities from the minds of the unemployed youths because they will be engaged in meaningful activities.

He also noted that the soccer competition will be aimed for spotting people with talents from the grass roots, and helping them build their careers in bigger leagues.

Some of the participating teams

Some of the participating teams

This year’s games that commenced earlier this week, involves teams from all parishes in the sub counties of Amach, Agali, Barr, Ngetta and Adekokwok all in Erute South, Lira district.
The winning team that will be crowned on 1st January 2018 will get a trophy and a cash prize.
Meanwhile all the participating teams will receive UGshs 50,000 each, on top of playing uniforms and balls that were offered already.

This move was welcomed with enthusiasm from the players who said this will help in their personal developments.
Alfred Otim, a player with Abwocolil FC that is also participating in the competition says this came at a time when they are redundant with no hope of getting something that will keep them busy. He said he is very happy with Hon Jonathan Odur because of the projects he’s intending to bring to them next year.

Otim encouraged his fellow youths to engage in such activities to fight crime and poverty.

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