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Politics is About Ideology not Sport -Museveni Responds to People Saying He’ll Be Unfit to Rule beyond 75



President Museveni has responded to media reports attributed to him about the performance of leaders above the age of 75 saying politics is about ideology and service and not sport where one is needed to compete physically.

“Politics is not Olympics or rugby where you need to compete physically. The presidency is a guiding role,” President Museveni told Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee which had called on him Tuesday at State House, Entebbe, to seek his views on the proposed amendment of Article 102(b) of the Constitution.

The committee is scrutinising the private members bill, presented to Parliament by Hon Raphael Magyezi, which seeks to scrap the 35 and 75-year lower and upper age limits for candidates seeking the presidency.


On whether the country should remove age limit and reinstate term limits, the President said at this stage of development, limits were not the most important issue for Uganda because the country has more pressing concerns.

“It took America more than a century and half while developing their economy and political class to put presidential term limits in their constitution. When they finally did so in 1947, everything they wanted had happened. They had developed, the colonies had integrated,” he said. “But here; what has happened? In Africa you behave like we are running countries and yet we are creating countries.”

After taking the MPs through an elaborate history of the American War of Independence, formation of Modern Day America, collapse of Capitalism in 1929 through the Great Depression and the final introduction of presidential term limits in 1947, President Museveni warned Africans against aping everything from the West while ignoring their local conditions and realities.



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