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Politics is About Ideology not Sport -Museveni Responds to People Saying He’ll Be Unfit to Rule beyond 75

    President Museveni has responded to media reports attributed to him about the performance of leaders above the age of 75 saying politics is about ideology and service and not sport where one is needed to compete physically. “Politics is not Olympics or rugby where you need to compete physically. The presidency is a […]

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Museveni Supports 7-Year-Term, Says African Leaders Need More Time In Office

  President Museveni has showed his support for  seven-year-term in a presidential office saying  longer stay in office  is essential for the growth of  young countries. The president said the leaders in Africa have much more to do and need adequate time to develop the continent and saw no harm in having longer terms. “For […]

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Museveni: Age Limit Is Against The Constitution

The presence of age limits for any elective office goes against Article 1 of the 1995 Constitution, the bedrock of that supreme law, which says “Power belongs to the people”, President Yoweri Museveni has said. Since Ugandans are the custodians of the Constitution and their country, the President said, they should be given the ultimate […]

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