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UTC-Lira Students Arrest Principal, March Him To Police

Nathan Buchan Talwana the principle of  Uganda Technical College Lira was on Monday evening arrested by his students and handed over to Lira Central Police Station over allegations of  corruption and tribalism.

Students accuse Talwana of among others, mismanaging college funds, firing staff and recruiting his friends and family. They also cite weaknesses in the college governing council for failing to address misconduct in the administration.

Counting to above 500 in number, the students picked their principal from his office and marched him through Obote Avenue to the Lira Central Police Station. They had a little confrontation with the police as they approached the Lira round about. Police fired teargas and live bullets to disperse the enraged students.

The principal was detained and the students returned back at the college to evict his family. They were countered by police who had rushed back to protect Talwana’s family on learning their intentions.

Earlier Andrew Odora, the Lango Student’s Association (LASA) was arrested by police. He was accused of planning the arrest of the principal but was later released following pressure mounted on the police by his fellow students.

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