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Victim of Police Shooting Abandoned, Cries Out For Help

Isaac Okello, who was short by police with a rubber bullet in a foiled FDC rally in Lira District is currently crying for help as he is not receiving any treatment.

Okello sustained injuries on his thighs from a bullet fired by police as they tried to disperse FDC supporters from a rally which Dr Besigye was expected to talk tough against age limit removal  at Lira Mayors gardens earlier this month.

Okello, 23, a resident of Abia sub county, Alebtong district contends that on the fateful day, he was just passing by town from visiting his sister from school.

I was returning home riding my bicycle from visiting my sister, I came through Lira main market(Obote Avenue) but found the road closed“- Okello narrates to TNT.
I branched and went through Olwol road, then joined to pass through Mayors gardens. The police fired the rubber bullet and it hit my thigh!” – he said.

Okello said he was taken down by the bullet and was carried by a section of the crowd at Mayors garden when he started bleeding profusely. He adds that he was dropped off  but police picked him up who he says went and dumped him at the Lira main hospital and never made any follow ups.
Okello says after admission at the hospital, his parents came from the village and started helping him. Unfortunately, he says, his parents ran out of money yet the nurses had prescribed drugs which they are to buy from outside.
Okello said his parents left him at the hospital when they ran out of money.
He adds that he left the hospital when he wasn’t receiving medical treatment and went to  a relative’s home where he is currently staying. He says his wounds are getting worse. He says he planned to go to a health centre in Apala but yet can’t go because he lacks finances.

Okello says he is opting to take the police to court over the issue.

When contacted, North Kioga region police spokesperson David Ongom Mudong says they will conduct an investigation to establish the cause for Okello’s injuries before ascertaining a move to make.

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