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Age Limit: Aloi Archdeaconry Church Leaders Want Museveni To Rule For Life


Church Leaders from Aloi Archdeaconry, Lango Diocese  in Alebtong district  have written to the the Moroto county MP Sam Okwir Odwe asking him to vote for the removal of the presidential age limit.
Collectively written by Rev Ven John Okaka(Aloi), Rev Martin Otwi(Abia), Rev Richard Omara(Alira), Rev Francis Dickens Otim(Apala)and Rev Deacon Tonny Odongo of Anara, the letter says the president should be allowed to rule for life.

“We all agree that he(Museveni) may lead the government of Uganda through out his living around the sun and through God’s willing until the end of his life”- the letter reads.

The church leaders also say the president Museveni was chosen by God from the 34 million Ugandans and hence it will be disobedience not to let him rule.

The letter that is dated 08th November 2017 informs the MP that he was elected because of the NRM party that is chaired by president Museveni adding that all the Christians in Aloi Archdeaconry support age limit removal.
The church leaders also noted that peace and calm should be maintained, condemning any form of violence that may lead to bloodshed.

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