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MP Cecilia Ogwal Names Lango Paramount Chief, PM, Among People Plotting To Kill Her



Cecilia Ogwal, the Dokolo district woman MP on Wednesday  pointed a list of people who she says are trying to kill her.

This bitterness came after the receipt of the news that about 2,000 people who are residents of Lira district most of who subscribe to the NRM party signed and sent a petition to the IGP Kale Kayihura to have the transfer of the Lira District Police Commander Joel Tubanone and the North Kioga Regional Police Commander John Peter Ematu cancelled. Consequently, the two officers were reinstated.

Speaking  on Qfm in a phone interview, Mp Ogwal noted that she has been hearing speculations that during the joint consultative meeting held in Adyel division in Lira municipality, DPC Tubanone was ordered to kill one MP. She said she has now confirmed that it was her that a plan was hatched to kill. She explained that Mr Tubanone kicked her legs sending her to the ground on the day of the consultative meeting. MP Ogwal continued that the DPC fired teargas to the ground where she was but fortunately she added that a few people guarded and protected her from it.
Tubanone however denied kicking her.

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MP Ogwal is now   pointing fingers at over 2,000 people who petitioned the IGP to have the transfer of the officers cancelled.

“I now know that it was the people from Lango that wanted me dead, including even my relatives .” MP Ogwal said.
She added: “I called Dr Richard Man who calls himself the Prime Minister of Lango who also is the head of my clan, I asked him why he wants to kill me.., and assured him never step my burial ground if I die before him”.

MP Ogwal alleged that Lango paramount chief, Mzee Yosam Odur is also among the people who want her dead. She faults him for signing the petition to have Tubanone reinstated. “They want Tubanone to come back to finish his job and kill me.”-she said.

Among the people who MP Ogwal is angry with include ex minister Sam Engola, Bosco Ogwang Edola- Uganda Chamber of Commerce boss and a bishop from Lango who she declined to name.

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