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Beepee Outs New Banger [ Download It Here]



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And so were the days, one would call himself an artist if a scratchy voice comes up wrapped in a sketchy  scattered Jamaican patois at the back end of his microphone. We ultimately decided to follow them for the sake of giving support to our own local artists while pleading for our eardrums to kindly bare with the situation and not blow. Grrrhh!!! Huh!!!
They produced mediocre songs to remain on the airwaves. Thank God quality is reigning over quantity. They are now finding themselves at the back seat, because the audience no longer appreciate such half crafted numbers. It’s not about numbers only.

Among the new wave of local artists spicing up music making you use that repeat button on your device whenever their records play is BEEPEE  with his Deep Hood Music crew members.

Latest song that will surely dominate the airwaves for some time is this audio called One Step Ahead. These lads are setting the blue print for quality.


“Dem ah call me a criminal, accusing me for stealing the show, my style so natural…” Beepee croons over the roaring powerful production by Artin Pro.

With Dj Anko Fiffz in it, Tai-Tan almost slays it all in the authentic patois flow. The compilation in the song will make you dare think it’s a handy work of Jamaica’s  Major Lazer or Machel Montano.
The song is a dance hall jam with a touch of soca that will for real become a dance hall anthem.

Download it here: One-step-ahead-Beepee-X-Tai-tan-X-Dj-anko Fiffz


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