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Age Limit: Minister Amongi Says People Fighting NRM Will Lose Badly



Betty Amongi, the cabinet minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development has said people fighting the Age Limit bill will lose because the NRM party has majority of the Mps, the New Vision newspaper reports.
She noted that the UPC party which she subscribes to does not stand a chance against the NRM that has 305 Mps in parliament because her party has only 6 legislators in parliament. She said UPC  rather has better chances to support the government in order to attract development in the constituencies of the UPC Mps.

“What I need now as the one you voted for is to bring as many development programs as possible, but if I oppose the government by refusing to endorse the age limit bill, they will cut off development projects being planned for us”– Betty Amongi said as quoted by the state owned newspaper, telling her voters of Oyam south.

Talking to her electorates on Wednesday at Loro sub county headquarters, Minister Amongi cautioned the people against fighting each other over the age limit bill.
She explained that the NRM has majority in parliament and the age limit bill will pass making those fighting it be losers.

She added that if the the age limit bill is removed, voters will still be having the mandate to decide who their president should be, also adding that removing the bill does not mean  Museveni  will rule for life.

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