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Youth MP: Majority Of The Youths Now Support Age Limit Removal



Oscar Omony, the youth Mp for Northern Uganda has said most of the youths in the region are now positive and calling for the removal of article 102(b) that limits presidential runners to the ages between 35 and 75 years of age.

Most of the youths now fully understand the bill, they are in support of it because it seeks to remove the lower age cap too“- Mp Omony told our reporter on Tuesday at Lira Hotel where he held a consultative meeting over the bill.

We have seen young presidents coming up, … This bill also favours the youths “- he added.

Mp Omony revealed that he has moved through three regions he represent in parliament and the larger percentage of the people support the scrapping of the age limit bill.

In the consultative meeting held with youth leaders in Lira, 14 youths voted in support of bill while 8 of them oppose the proposed amendment of the constitution.

Mp Omony also advised the youths against defiance. He said the youths should not accept to be misled by some MPs to violate the law.
Once the government or the police says avoid joint consultations, please follow the law, don’t go to such places because you may get problems, your MPs will be treated in nice places and they will leave you to suffer.” – he concluded.

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