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PWD’s In Northern Uganda Want Age Limit Removed




Leaders of Persons With Disabilities(PWDs) in Northern Uganda have unanimously embraced and endorsed the move to lift the presidential age limit which is capped between 35 and 75 years of age.

During the opening of a consultation meeting over the bill, Wilson Nokrach who is the Mp for the PWDs in Northern Uganda, stated that article 102(b) is ambiguous and discriminatory, contrary to article 21 of the constitution which says everyone is equal. He told his audiences who he represent in parliament to accept the bill.

Francis Odongo Ali who heads PWDs in Oyam at the sitting held on Monday at Garden Inn hotel said he wholly supports the move to have article 102(b) amended.

His assertion was welcomed with support from Rose Tali(Assistant chairperson of PWDs in Arua), Simon Arasha(head of PWDs in Moroto) who all spoke in support of the removal of the bill.

Meanwhile Rojason Drassi from Yumbe district pushed forward the resolution to show support for the bill. She was seconded by Odongo Ali. The meeting then unanimously agreed that the age limit law be removed.

George Odyek, PWD representative from Kole district urged people to support the bill for the sake of enjoyment of peace and security.


Nokrach then advised people against the to be more accommodative and not harm people who support age limit removal. He also called on his fellow MPs not to incite people against the bill.

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