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Mp Cecilia Ogwal Advises MPs Against Returning Age Limit Consultation Money



Cecilia Ogwal, the Dokolo district woman Mp has advised members of Parliament against returning the Ugshs 29 million that each of them recently received to facilitate consultation process of the age limit bill.

Mp Ogwal notes that it will rather be wise for the MPs to use the money to invest in projects that will develop their constituencies citing rehabilitation of health centres, investing in education, among others.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday at Mp Felix Okot Ogong’s home in Lira municipality, Mp Ogwal said the individual members of Parliament who are returning the money will only promote corruption saying the money will not reach the intended destination from where it came from.

“If you think government is a thief, a thief that stole from your bedroom. If he returns what he stole from you, why do you give it back to him?… Why can’t you say since I have a problem with paying school fees let me just use it?” – She asked.

A section of opposition MPs have already returned the shs 29 million they were given to conduct the consultation.

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