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Firing Teargas Is Within The Law, Don’t Be Fooled By Your MPs – DPC Tubanone



The Lira District Police Commander Joel Tubanone has opened up on Tuesday’s incident that saw him order his officers to fire tear gas and live bullets to disperse a gathering organized by MPs to seek views of the electorates over the proposed removal of age limit from the constitution.
The teargas left two legislators; Cecilia Ogwal (Dokolo Woman Mp) and Silvia Akello (Otuke Woman Mp) hospitalized.

Speaking during a radio talk show on Wednesday morning, DPC Tubanone said they never intended to hurt anybody. He also denied knowledge of people admitted because the scuffle.

“Firing teargas is within the law,… Infact everyone tested the teargas, I also took my share, why was it that it affected only a few that are presumed admitted” – He asked.

He added “I’ve been in the hospitals, I never saw any member of the community admitted over the incidence”.

On why he fired the teargas, Tubanone said the security team earlier held a meeting with the MPs and warned them against holding the joint consultation, this he said was for their own safety and the general public.

“When other MPs came, we told them to go back, they refused and you know some of move with their hooligans that want to fight with the police”

“They even pushed me, but that’s expected when we try to keep the public safe.”

” You saw how those other MPs came in their super custom. They almost knocked people” – He said.

When asked to respond on allegations that he kicked Mp Cecilia Ogwal, the DPC dispelled it saying it’s a political talk MPs are anchoring.

“Don’t be fooled by the MPs. Let no one say anything that cannot be proved. Hon Cecilia Ogwal is like my mother. Most of you saw what happened!”

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Tubanone then warned MPs against mixing matters of security with politics.

“Your politics and comedy should be out of security”- He said.

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