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MPs Cecilia Ogwal, Silvia Akello Hospitalised As Police Fire Teargas To Disperse Age Limit Rally


Tear gas, bullets  flew at Adyel division, Lira municipality in the consultation meeting over age limit, causing hospitalization of Cecilia Ogwal, the Dokolo woman mp and Silvia Akello, the Otuke district woman Mp.

A consultation meeting over the proposed removal of article 102(b) from the constitution on Tuesday started peacefully with different leaders from different political divides with all of them speaking against the planned amendment of the constitution peacefully without interruptions. It all turned bitter during MP Joy Ongom’s speech.

MPs Felix Okot Ogong(Dokolo south), Jonathan Odur(Erute South), Charles Angiru Gutmoi(Erute North) and Silvia Akello(Otuke woman Mp) however escaped the eyes of the police officers when they arrived at the ground and sat quietly on the podium as Hon Joy delivered her speech.

The ground rapidly grew inhospitable shortly after Mp Ogwal  arrived when the Lira District Police Commander Joel Tubanone  blocked the legislator from accessing the ground.

According to reports, Mp Ogwal was forced to the ground as Tubanone and his officers started firing tear gas and bullets to disperse people from the consultative meeting.


The ground started clearing as the scuffle ensued. Consequently, the Mps Ogwal and Akello collapsed in the heavy tear gas.

Mp Silvia Akello receiving treatment at Lira Medical centre

The MPs by press time was receiving treatment from Lira medical centre.

Mp Cecilia Ogwal recieving treatment at Lira Medical centre

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