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Minister Okello Engola Retains MP Seat, Ayena Ordered To Pay 4 Billion



State minister for Defense Charles Okello Engola Macodwogo has retained his Oyam North parliamentary seat following ruling by court of appeal on Monday.

Okello Engola went to court of appeal after Lira high court nullified his election for lack of requisite academic qualification.

Presided over by Justice Jessica Naiga Ayebazibwe, Lira High court in June 2016 nullified Okello Engola’s election as Oyam North MP after it found that there was a mismatch in his name on his academic papers.

Court of Appeal Judges Stephen Kavuma, Elizabeth Musoke and Cheborion Bulshaki today however ruled that Okello Engola had all the required academic qualifications because he presented papers that show he obtained a Masters degree.

The court of appeal judges also found that the minister’s names Okello Charles Peter and Okello P. Engora Macodogwo did not have an effect on his academic qualifications.

In his affidavit, Minister Engola noted that Engola is his father’s name; letter P stands for Patrick and that he acquired the name Macodwongo for political reasons.

The petitioner, Krispus Ayena Odongo was also ordered by court of appeal to cover a total sum of UGshs 4 billion in costs that the minister met in legal fees.

Speaking to our reporter after the ruling, Macodwogo thanked everyone who stood by him and asked Ayena to join him in developing Oyam North constituency.

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