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AgeLimit: Police Beef Up Mp Amule’s Security After Lynch Attempt



Amolatar district woman MP Doreen Amule’s security has been heightened following an attempt by an angry crowd to lynch her up over her support for the removal of presidential age limit from the constitution.


During independence day celebration in Amolatar district last Monday, Amule was booed and greeted with jeers as angry crowd from her audience rose up and grabbed the microphone from her after she took to the podium to explain that president Museveni should be given more time lead, asking her audience what the age of the pope Francis is, yet he is still leading the catholic church. Amule was responding a biblical scripture cited by Amolatar district Vice Chairperson Geoffrey Ocen.

Ocen cited the book of Numbers 8:4-26, which says God told Moses to pick people aged 25 years and above to go and wait upon the service in tabernacles and congregation, but God told them to retire when they reach 50 years. Likening this to the contentious agelimit bill, Ocen advised Mps not to amend the constitution saying it will be against God’s words to have old people rule.


David Ongom Mudong, the North Kyoga regional police spokesman has said following the incident, police has provided the MP with two additional police escorts.

“We have given her two more police officers in addition to the two she previously had. Just like any VIP (very important person) she is entitle to be provided with police escort. This is normal given the fact that she is among those advocating for the controversial constitutional amendment for the removal of age limit,” Mudong was quoted by the Daily Monitor.

“According to reports, I have got from the DPC of Amolatar, the celebrations at Amolatar Boma Grounds were going on normally until the LC5 vice chairperson, Mr Geoffrey Ocen, in his speech, warned MPs hailing from the district against lifting the age limit,” He added.
The proposal for the controversial presidential age limit amendment Bill was recently tabled in Parliament by Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi and  Amule was one of the people who seconded it.


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