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Mp Amule Booed As She Tried To Sell Age Limit Removal Bill




Amolatar Woman Member of Parliament, Doreen Amule on Monday booed at Independence Day celebrations in Amolatar Boma Ground over age limit campaign.

Voice of Lango fm reports that trouble for Amule started when she stood up to react to a biblical scripture cited by Amolatar Vice Chairperson Geoffrey Ocen.

Ocen cited the book of Numbers 8:4-26, which says God told Moses to pick people aged 25years and above to go and wait upon the service in tabernacles and congregation, but God told them to retire when they reach 50 years.

Ocen’s citation was in relation to the current age limit debate where he said even God supports age limit.

However this did not go well with Mp Amule who asked people to tell her the age of the Pope who is leading the Catholic Church who she said is still leading after over 80 years adding that President Museveni should also be given more opportunity to lead the country.

The irked crowd among her audiences started shouting at her with others moving to grab the microphone from her. They were asked to be calm and allow the Mp to continue with her speeches.

Amule then said it’s not a crime for her to support age limit removal.

However Ocen cautioned MPs against lifting the presidential age limit saying they risk being voted out in 2021 for taking a decision against the will of their electorates.

The Kyoga county MP, Anthony Okello Tango said NRM government deserved to be applauded because of development achieved in their 30 years in power.

The Resident District Commissioner of Amolatar Canon Richard Ogwang Odyero appealed to both Okello and Amule to first consult people on age limit bill.

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