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Police Recovers Stolen Gun From Robber



Kitgum police on Tuesday night recovered a sub machine gun that was stolen from Okidi Police post in Labongo, Amida sub county in Kitgum district.

The AK47 registration UG-POL 56-131005027-15100 was raided with 30 rounds of ammunition in May this year. The raid left one person injured.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa Region police spokesperson says the gun was recovered during a robbery in Lumula trading centre, Lagwel Parish in Padibe West Sub county. He added that the gun was recovered from Joseph Lukwiya, a resident of Pajumu village in Labongo parish, Akwang sub county also in Kitgum district.

He says Lukwiya had already used 29 bullets and was captured by residents of the trading centre who had started lynching him up already after he fired the last bullet left in the gun. He has been admitted in Padibe health centre in Lamwo.

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