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Acholi NRM Supporters Demonstrate In Support Of Age Limit Removal


NRM supporters from the Acholi districts of Gulu, Amuru, Omoro and Nwoya on Wednesday assembled and marched in Anaka Town council, expressing their support for the removal of the contentious article 102(b) from the constitution, to allow president Museveni rule beyond 75 years of age.

The demonstration was reportedly financed and organized by Richard Todwong, the NRM deputy secretary and Dr. Dan Ssekiboobo, the technical analyst in the office of NRM party National chairman.

The demonstrators marched chanting and praising Museveni’s rule. Among the things they praised Museveni for are; restoration of peace and development.

They marched carrying Museveni’s portrait with writings showing support for the removal of age limit from the constitution.

Among them was Rose Abwono, the representative of elders in Nwoya district who said they firmly support the bill to empower more elders to contribute to the leadership of this country.


The protestors gathered at Nwoya district headquarters where senior party leaders addressed a rally in which they outlined reasons why they want article 102 of the Constitution amended. The article caps the age of someone contesting for the office of the president between 35 and 75 years.


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