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MP Angiru Says They Will Continue Fighting Age Limit Removal Bill



Charles Angiru Gutmoi, the Erute North MP has vowed not to backdown  against age limit removal bill, despite pressure from the government.
He says that on Thursday, they will pick up from where they left and continue speaking in parliament just like the way they did before he and his colleagues in the opposition were thrown out of parliament.

Angiru who was not among the 24 suspended MPs, was roughed out of parliament by suspected SFC officers in the chaos over the age limit removal.

“We are nolonger going to keep quiet, we are representatives of the people who are saying that bill should not be passed!” – He said.

He added that they will stand firm and cause actions against the bill and are not afraid of anything that will come after.

“Let them beat us, let them kill us, we’ll still say no!”

Angiru also denied causing violence in the house last week on Wednesday.
“What violent means did we use?… Standing up to say no!… Is that one violence… They should have let us sing the national anthem for one year, or until we’re tired or hungry”- he concluded.

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