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UPC Finally Unveils Position On Age Limit


The Uganda People’s Congress-UPC Party has finally cleared the air about its position on the contentious proposed Age Limit removal bill.

UPC supporters had started growing impatient waiting for their President Jimmy Akena to show where he stands in the bill. UPC’s delay to announce their position gave room for speculations from the supporters who had already started guessing Akena may be in support of the bill that the ruling NRM is pushing to have their chairman, President Museveni to run for elections again in 2021. The speculation was not helped by Akena’s advocacy for the land bill which is also being pushed by the cabinet.

Speaking to journalists at their party headquarters at Uganda house on Wednesday, Akena condemned the age limit bill and asked his party members to vote against it.

He says by pushing for the bill, NRM party is showing that it is not yet ready to survive without Museveni.


He added that Uganda’s age limit problems begun with the lifting of the term limits. “I do not know any country that is a democracy that doesn’t have term limits. Uganda is the first that I know of where members of parliament can vote for the removal of term limits,” he said.

Akena advised people to look at Uganda that is bigger than Museveni.

“Uganda did not start with Museveni. There was Uganda before Museveni and it will be there after Museveni,”– He said.

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