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MP Acon Says He Supports Age Limit Removal Because He Cant Oppose The President



Otuke county MP Julius Acon has opened up on why he supports the removal of presidential age limit to allow president Museveni run again for the next and the elections.


Acon says he is in support of the removal of the age limit because he wants to show that he is submissive to his party and his president. He says he will not accept to go against president Musveni’s wishes and stand to oppose the proposed age limit removal bill.


Speaking to our reporter on Monday, Acon said he has lived in the United States for long and has realized that the country has no age limit in their constitution, adding that Uganda should adopt such. He added that there are several countries with democracy that only have term limits but not age limit.

He noted that the people who should be wronged for amending Uganda’s constitution are the legislators who removed term limit  in 2005, not the NRM Mps seeking for age limit removal.


Acon who is praised by the locals in his constituency for erecting a health centre, buying an ambulance  and making financial contributions in his community prides himself of meeting expectations of his voters as their leader. He challenged Mps opposing the age limit removal to contribute to their constituencies instead of being vocal in parliament.

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