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Lira Security Officials Close Radio Show For Discussing Age Limit




Unity FM’s popular Saturday radio show, Parliament Alwak was this morning forced to end prematurely for discussing the proposed age limit bill.

The show started a few minutes past 8am with Moses Augustine Otim alias Great Mo as the main host, Robert Kalibongo as the co-host. The guests in the studio included Paul Acak from Lira NGO forum, Lira youth councillor James Omara Elem, journalists Sam Brunos Aliga, Tom Bukenya and the former Lira municipality NRM chairperson Moses Opio.

As the show progressed with the debaters giving their takes on article 102(b) of the constitution which dictates presidential age limit, Opio, who earlier at the opening of the show was priding himself of organising the first demonstration seeking for the removal of the presidential  age cap in Lira and the first in the country stood up as his colleagues on the opposing side of the age limit removal were speaking. Opio became very bitter and walked out saying he can not debate with people who are insulting the person of the president.

In his statement at the Lira Central police, Great Mo said he received a phone call from the Lira Resident District Commissioner Robert Abak to end the show. He added that after getting off the phone with the RDC, his manager Sam Atul also called ordering for the same.
Great Mo obliged and ended the program prematurely at 9am yet he had earlier announced that it was going to go until 11am.

He continued that on getting out of the studio, police officers who were heavily deployed at the premises  commanded by the Lira District Police Commander Joel Tubanone asked him, the show Co host Kalibongo and a guest who is also a veteran journalist Tom Bukenya to go with them to the Lira Central Police Station.

Great Mo then requested the officers to allow them to go to the police station at will of which they agreed.


The DPC then took the recordings of the show.

After recording their statements,  the journalist were allowed to go back.

It is however still unclear who was the complainant that alerted the security officials to close the show.

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