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MP Amule In Trouble For Threatening Voter Who Oppose Age Limit Removal


Doreen Amule, the Amolatar district woman MP is in trouble for threatening her voter who opposed her move to support the presidential age limit removal.

Amule recently threw her weight in support of the presidential age limit removal bill which will allow president Museveni who currently constitutionally will be blocked from standing again to run for presidency in 2021.


Amule’s move angered a section of not only her voters but Ugandans who fault her for making a decision without consulting the people who mandated her to represent them in parliament.


Patrick Ogwang,  a native from Amolatar district who admitted to have spoken against Amule’s move to lift the age limit said the MP called and threatened to kill him for criticizing her move to advocate for the removal of the presidential age cap.


“She called me yesterday(Thursday)  and threatened to crush me like an insect for opposing her move to support age limit removal”. – He told journalists on Friday.

Ogwang’s screenshot of the call she got from MP Amule on Thursday

When asked whether he did something to provoke the legislator, Ogwang admitted that in his struggle to speak for the voiceless, he might have said or written something that Amule didn’t like.


Ogwang has a filed a statement in Lira Central police station under SD REF 33/22/09/2017. Amule faces an offence of threatening violence.

She is expected to appear in Lira Central Police Station to write her statement.


Our attempts to reach MP Amule to respond to this allegation was however futile by press time.


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