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We Are Just Getting Started, Organiser Of Anti Age Limit Removal Demo In Lira Reveals




Issa Otto Amiza, the former member of parliament for Oyam South has revealed that Thurdays’ demonstrations against the removal of presidential age limit in Lira town was just the launch.

“What you saw today was just a launch, we will continue to do such because article 3 of the constitution allows us to protect it”– he told our reporter.

Otto who organised the demonstration added: “Our campaign is to see that no one tampers with both article 102(b) and 26 in the constitution”.
He also noted that government should not be given rights to compulsorily acquire private land.

“These are the two things we are fighting… Me and other Ugandans will continue to express ourselves the same way we did today”– He said.

Otto said Thursday’s  demonstration was a success, adding that the message was sent to the Mps who are seeking to remove the age cap of 75 years to benefit Museveni who will in return according to Otto, give them money.

Otto (Left-with a yellow whistle) talking to the media on Thursday

He thanked the Lira District Police Commander for not disrupting the Thursday’s demo but also warning the security officers against provoking them “Don’t provoke us because if you do, we will even come to your office and hold the demonstration there. Our demonstration was peaceful and the people loved us because we didn’t destruct anyone’s property “ he concluded.

One of the protestors carry placard written “Lango Rejects Attempts To Amend Articles 26 and 102(b)

On Thursday morning, protesters who are against the removal of presidential age limit law from the constitution paralyzed traffic in Lira town, when they took their demonstration to the busiest parts of the town. It started with a group comprising of four youths lighting a tyre at the junction of Oyam road and Obote Avenue. Jumping, pacing, blowing whistles with others shouting “Museveni it’s time to leave!!”, the youths attracted a crowd who joined blocking the traffic flow for about 30 minutes. They dropped a coffin with writings against the age limit removal.
They also carried placards written “Museveni must leave!” “Do not tamper with the constitution!”
The youths also stretched their demonstration to Uhurru bar, and other outskirts of the town burning tyres and calling for the maintenance of the constitution.

By the time police in Lira drew to the places the protests were being held, none of the architects of the demos were on sight.


Story Contributed by Felix Omara

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