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Anite: You Cannot Intimidate The Ruling Party, We Have The Army

The showdown is getting started, ministers and legislatures divided on sides that support and those that oppose removal presidential age limit from the constitution have started exchanging among themselves.


It all started on Tuesday when a total of 245 NRM MPs passed a resolution to have the presidential age limit removed from the constitution to have president Museveni rule in more terms by passing a private members bill. This moved irked Mps who are not in support of the change in the law. They then held a press conference on Wednesday castigating the NRM mps over the move. The eight include Theodore Ssekikubo (Lwemiyaga), Muhammad Nsereko (Kampala Central), Barnabas Tinkasimire (Buyaga West), Felix Okot Ogong (Dokolo South) Wilfred Niwagaba (Ndorwa East), and John Baptist Nambetsye (Manjiya County), among others.

Nsereko warned that there will be fist fights on the floor of parliament once the NRM MPs try to table the private members bill.. “The Bill will not be tabled. We are going to gym,” He said they will tear the bill before it is read.


On Thursday, the pro age limit removal MPs held a press conference to respond to their counterparts on the opposing side. Evelyn Anite, one of the architects of the bill said they cannot be intimidated because they are with the ruling party.

“You cannot intimidate a ruling party. For them they are looking for support, but we are not. We are the party in government; we have the support of the magye (military).” She added.

“For us in Northern Uganda we don’t go to the gym…We are naturally fit. Those who threatened to box us; if you want to beat people; go and compete with Golola.”


“I heard Ssekikubo, Tinkasimire and other MPs threatening us. We are not intimidated”– she said.


The private members bill is scheduled to be table in parliament today.


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