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RDC Abak: We Are Investigating Judiciary Over Fraud




The Lira Resident District Commissioner Robert Abak has said security officials have launched an investigation on judicial officials in Lira. Abak believes that there are several court orders and injunctions issued fraudulently. He says Lira magistrates court has started issuing awards especially compensations of over UGX 100 million yet by law they are supposed not to order awards above UGX 50 million.
Speaking on Tuesday at a stakeholders meeting held at the Lira municipality boardroom, Abak says injunctions and orders issued unjustly will not be respected.
Abak says judicial officials have allegedly been compromised by individuals who influence court rulings to their advantage.

This follows an injunction issued by court in Lira last month stopping construction company CICO from damaging Uganda Telecom-UTL cable wires underground, planted below the roads  that are currently being constructed under the USMID programs. The roads include: Obote Avenue, Kwania and Soroti roads.

The telecom company is demanding compensation of 472 million Shillings which they say will finance the relocation of their installations from the areas where road works were planned.

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