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Amongi: The Cabinet Is Highly Interested In The Land Bill



Lands minister Betty Amongi has said the cabinet is highly interested in the constitutional amendment bill 2017, explaining why it is taking the whole president to traverse the country to educate the populace about it through radio stations.

Minister Amongi was responding to critics who say running her ministry has defeated her, prompting president Museveni to take the lead in advocating for the amendment. Amongi revealed in an interview with NTV that the president has taken up the land bill campaign not because she has failed to handle it, but because the whole cabinet want the law changed to see the country develop.

President Museveni is currently traversing the country to educate the general public on the bill through radio stations.

The bill seeks to amend article 26 of the 1995 constitution by inserting a clause that will enable government to compulsorily acquire land for public projects even if its owner reject government land valuation.

Minister Amongi earlier said after taking land, government can deposit money determined by the chief valuer in the bank pending determination of the disputes related to the matter.
She says that once the bill is amended, government will be saved from paying some costs.


Government lost USD 97 million about Shillings 349billion in the past two financial years due to delayed implementation of infrastructure projects.
Amongi said the money was lost in paying fines to contractors for idle machinery due to stalled projects because of compensation disagreements.
According to Amongi, the money spent on fines could have been used to finance other infrastructure projects. She explains that the proposed constitutional amendment bill 2017 will help government to mitigate such compensation scenarios that stall government projects and cause financial loss.

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  1. I remembered when we were in a fund raising in Abang Chapel in Amwa Parish Myene Subcounty you categorically stated this law is being amended to discouraged those people who rush to buy land where they know gov’t is planning to establish a project then they hiked exhobant prices that becomes too expensive for gov’t to compensate and thereby blocking gov’t projects.This is very clear and understandable,but the problem is the people who are supposed to apply the law aren’t trusted anymore making it appears that gov’t is trying to grab people’s land.

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