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Mother Loses Newborn At Birth After Finding Health Center Closed



A mother late last week lost her new born after delivering alone at Adigu health centre II veranda. Sarah Ageno 29, from Akica village , Adigu parish, Loro sub county Oyam district visited the health facility in labor pains but to her dismay found the government owned health center closed with no staff on sight at midday.
Ageno was then placed on the veranda by her husband Lawrence Ogang, who  went in search of the health center staff in their homes. With no success in his search, Ogang then opted to look for a motorcycle to transport his wife to another nearby health centre.

In his absence, Ageno who was in too much pain painfully gave birth with no attendant. Unfortunately her new born son hit the floor with his head and died instantly just as he got out of the womb.
Nearby residents came and cut the newborn’s umbilical cord but were too late to save the baby’s life.

Monica Awor, a midwife at the health centre told Radio Unity that she heard of the incidence later after returning to the health center. She says she had gone to attend a training on immunization at the sub county. She says the training was a government program that she could not miss. Awor added that at the facility they have two midwives but her is at Atapara hospital. She acknowledged that there are challenges at the health center because they have only two support staff, the askari, porter and the incharge.

Nelson Aloka, the incharge of Adigu health centre II said he had gone to attend a training at Aber hospital.

Residents however cry of the bad treatment done on them by the health center staff. They claim that at times the midwives force husbands to attend to their wives who go to the facility to give birth.

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