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MC Wang Jok Resigns From Pine Avenue 5


Pine Avenue 5, undoubtedly the richest record label with enormous market base in Northern Uganda  has been struck with a big setback as one of the biggest artists, MC Wang Jok hits the exit.

Better known for his song Atye Ka tic, Wang Jok enjoys quite a huge following from hip hop lovers who are inlove with his strong command of the Luo literature in his lyrics, which he synchronizes in his raps.

Though his facebook page, the artist posted on Tuesday. “I Rubangakene Ivan Ochaya best known as the brand MC WANG JOK yesterday 4th September 2017 resigned from my duties as an artist from PINE AVENUE5 RECORD LABEL. Any business done in my names with the company shall be deemed completely illegal. Please bear with the situation. I will continue building my career within the confines of my goals. We shall arrange for a press conference in due time to clear the air much further.”

With fellow artists OJ Maxwell and Pretty B, Wang Jok scooped several awards for the record label  and himself. We however couldn’t establish the cause of the sudden departure but will keep you posted on the latest developments as we pursue this story.

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