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Pro Agelimit Removal Demo Stretches To Arua


National Resistance Movement-NRM party supporters on Saturday marched the streets of Arua town, with placards written “Age Limit for what” others read “Age is wisdom”.
They want president Museveni to rule in the next terms saying he is the only one who can tow the country towards better development. They claim that Article 102 (b) of the Constitution which sets the presidential age limit between 35 and 75 years is unfair and must be amended.

President Museveni turns 75 in 2019, two years before the next general elections scheduled for 2021.

Led by Samari Ijaja who is the NRM Regional Mobiliser, the protesters walked through the town and after headed and handed a petition to Shauaid Toko, Arua’s Deputy Resident District Commissioner aimed for ascension to parliament. The petitioners want MPs to quickly remove the presidential age limit law to allow the country enjoy Museveni’s presidency.

Mr Toko, agreed to forward the petition to its intended destination.

This is not the first time NRM supporters across the country have staged a demonstration in support of removing the presidential age limit from the constitution. Last month NRM supporters in Lango held a similar demo demanding that the Presidential Age Limit be lifted to give room to all Ugandans who aspire to become president to compete for the position without any limitations and prejudice. Kabale NRM supporters also followed with the demo seeking for the same.

In July, another group mainly from Lira town held a similar demonstration.


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