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Man Kills Wife For Receiving Night Phone Call



Abdul Lubangakene is being held by police in Gulu for allegedly murdering his wife Irene Lanyero after she received a phone call at night from an unknown caller.

Lubangakene,  a boda boda rider in Gulu Town and  a resident of Airfield sub-ward in Bar-Dege, Gulu Municipality suspected that the unknown caller is his wife’s secret lover. He then grabbed a hand hoe that he hit with his wife on the head, killing her instantly according to reports. He is said to have committed the crime under the influence of alcohol.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson, says Lubangakene fled into hiding after the incident. He adds that residents found the couple’s one year old baby suckling the lifeless body of its mum in the morning.


Lubangakene will be charged with murder according to police.

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