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NRM Boss: UGX 100 Million Was Given To The Mobilizers Of The Presidential Age Limit Removal Demo

The Lira municipality National Resistance Movement -NRM party Chairman Bosco Odongo alias Bodyguard has revealed that the organizers of the presidential age limit removal demonstration that was seen in Lira town over the weekend were given UGX 100 million for the mobilization and execution of the protest.

NRM supporters on Saturday marched on the streets of Lira town, seeking for the removal of presidential age limit law that will bar president Yoweri Museveni from standing in the next and following terms.

Uganda’s constitution sets the age range for president at 35 to 75 years of age.Born in 1944, President  Museveni will be 76 years old at the next elections in 2021. That means after three decades in power, he will not be eligible to stand for re-election.

Counting to about 40 in number, the group want president Museveni to live more in power citing restoration of peace and security, economic growth disarmament of the Karimojong among other praises that they have for the over 30 year NRM rule.
Led by Milton Odongo, the  former Resident District Commissioner of Kasese, the group started their procession  from Uganda Technical College Lira, through Obote Avenue, Olwol road to the Lira Resident District Commissioner Robert Abak’s office where they handed him a petition aimed for ascension to parliament.

The protest however angered Odongo Bodyguard who has now come out to bash the group who he says are self seekers just looking for money from his superiors.
He expressed his anger on the mobilizers of the protest for using Lango’s name to secure the funding.

“I can authoritatively say that these people went and told their funders that Lango supports presidential age limit removal,.. And they were given UGX 100 Million. They even cheated the protesters who were given only between UGX 5,000 – 10,000.” – the visibly angry NRM chairman told us on Monday.

“Which Lango did they consult that they claim agreed to lift the presidential age limit… First of all, is the proposal for the amendment of the law in parliament?” – He questioned.

When asked to reveal the identities of the funders who he said sponsored the demonstration, Bodyguard declined to mention the names.
He however noted that his office will summon Milton Odongo and the organizers of the demonstration to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee over the issue.
Responding to a question posed to him on whether he is just disgruntled because he might have been denied a share of the UGX 100 million, Odongo said he is not interested in the money.

When contacted, Milton Odongo the lead organizer of the demonstration.  refused to comment.

Jacob Ocen, the Lira district NRM Spokesperson who also participated in the demonstration said the March was not his party’s  project. He said the protest was carried out by people of Lango who want president Museveni to extend his rule.


It should be noted that Odongo Bodyguard earlier strongly opposed the first demonstration for the removal of the age limit in Lira that was organized by Patrick Okwir Kampala last month

“We summoned Okwir Kampala about the demonstration, fortunately he and his group understood and that’s why they didn’t participate in this latest one.” he concluded.

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