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NRM Supporters Hold Another Demo In Lira, Seeking For Age Limit Removal



National Resistance Movement Supporters on Saturday again marched on the streets of Lira town, seeking for the removal of presidential age limit law that will bar president Museveni from standing in the next and following terms.

Counting to about 40 in number, the group want president Museveni to live more in power citing restoration of peace and security, economic growth, disarmament of the Karimojong, among other praises that they have for the over 30 year NRM rule.

Led by Milton Odongo, a former Resident District Commissioner of Kasese, the group started their procession from Uganda Technical College Lira, through Obote Avenue, Olwol road to the Lira Resident District Commissioner Robert Abak’s office where they handed him a petition aimed for ascension to parliament.

The petitioners argue that in its current form, Article 102 (b) of the constitution is undemocratic and discriminative against experienced and senior citizens of county, adding that it will deprive people of Uganda of experienced and good leadership resources.
They say the people who don’t want the age limit cap removed fear standing against competent people in elections.

They cited leaders like Donald Trump, president of the US, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, among others who continue serving their people despite their advanced ages.

They also argued that they are not pushing for the removal of the age limit law to benefit only Museveni, but that it will benefit all Ugandans who qualify to contest for President.

This is the second demonstration being held by NRM supporters Lira town. Last month, another group led by Patrick Okwir Kampala and a few others led a demonstration seeking for the same.

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  1. My brothers and sisters you look off site bse in other circles I hear Mzee is being advised not to tinker with the constitutions but to amend is age to fit the construction ‘requirements to be able to stand again in 2021.Another question is who speaks for Lango.Let us not use the name Lango just to look for job consideration.All people of Lango supports different political parties and shouldn’t be coharsed in any political party.

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