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Justice Owiny-Dollo Replaces Kavuma As The Deputy Chief Justice



Justice Alphonse Owiny Dollo been appointed as the Deputy Chief Justice by president Yoweri Museveni.

Justice Owiny Dollo will replace Justice Steven Kavuma whose age has clocked retirement.
Justice Kavuma leaves complaints about his professional conduct which includes issuing court injunctions which many say were uncalled for. He has been severally accused by a section of the public of not being impartial, saying he leans towards the ruling NRM party, making the opposition face his wrath. He also tried to amend his age stating that he is four years younger, seeking to have his stay in office extended.

Justice Owiny Dollo’s appointment comes in a letter dated August 18th written by the president to the speaker of parliament, seeking for the approval of the Mps. Also appointed are justices Paul Mugamba and Richard Buteera to the Supreme Court bench.

Justice Owiny Dollo has presided over several high profile cases including the conviction of the seven men behind the July 11, 2010 terror attacks in Kampala that claimed the lives of 74 people.



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